How Long Will I Have To Treat My Psoriasis?

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You may want to talk with your health care provider about an elimination diet or a blood test to screen for celiac disease. Some experts suspect that psoriasis, an immune-mediated disease, may share a connection to celiac disease. There is controversy over the following treatment. If the scales are on your scalp or around the hairline, they can look like really bad dandruff.

Your skin will fall off and get stuck in the comb. Alternative control includes synthetic forms of vitamin D that may reduce inflammation of the skin and block cells from reproducing. Medicated chest rubs like Vicks can be applied to affected areas to relieve the itch and stop the scaling.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, as is heart disease, so reducing inflammation and improving heart health is important for individuals with psoriasis. There are individuals with gluten sensitivity and those with celiac disease. Both require the elimination of gluten from your diet.


” The answer is not cut-and-dry, as there’s no concrete scientific evidence that links specific foods to psoriasis. However, dermatologists, physicians and nutritionists all agree that a healthy, balanced diet is strongly recommended for any patient. Reason being, the food we put into our bodies is directly linked to our health and well-being. What happens often depends on the medication you were using when you stopped, how well you manage your psoriasis triggers, and your medical history. Apply an over-the-counter itch-relieving product containing ingredients such as calamine, hydrocortisone, camphor, benzocaine, or menthol.

  • Dr. Zeichner has been consistently voted by his peers to the Castle Connolly list of New York City’s best doctors.
  • In rare cases, behavioral modification like weight loss or smoking cessation may be associated with improvements or complete clearing.
  • In genetically predisposed people, an environmental factor acts as a trigger to unmask psoriasis.
  • For the majority of people, psoriasis doesn’t go away on its own.
  • He actively lectures to international audiences and is involved in daily teaching to residents and medical students.

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An old fashioned remedy was to apply oil like baby oil, olive oil, or even Crisco onto the lesions. You can hold a hot, wet towel on the lesions also to loosen the scales.

These foods are recommended because they contain high levels of natural antioxidants and polyphenols, which are protective compounds found in plants. Psoriasis sufferers often ask our physicians, “What are some of the best foods to eat for psoriasis patients?

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There is no direct link between vitamins and dietary supplements and psoriatic disease. However, many with psoriatic disease find that including vitamins and supplements in their diet helps their skin clear and may ease joint pain.

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